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The idea for developing Trabali came about after a European Union Justice Court ruling (case CCOO vs Deutsche Bank) that specified that the correct registration and management of employees working hours was a primary condition for respecting the workers rights.

Following along the same lines, the ruling stated that in order to achieve an appropiate control of the working hours, a system should be used by each of the employees. Such system "must be impartial, reliable and accesible to all workers".

Our company was founded on 2020, in Barcelona, to make sure that our clients comply with the mentioned laws and rulings the easiest way possible. It was founded by a group of friends with 25+ years of combined experience in the fields of: technology, business and human resources management, in other words: the perfect combination for Trabali to become the best solution in the market.

Barcelona - Alfons Taekema - Unsplash

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